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How many weirdos lurkin' about...? ------------HEY I'M ROWNAK AND I'M SEVENTEEN FOR THE FOURTH YEAR RUNNING NOW. I LOVE VARIOUS COMEDIES AND HORRORS AND EXPLORING MY BELOVED NYC. I GET STUCK ON CAPS LOCK SOMETIMES SUCH THAT I NEED TO CHANGE IT FOR EVERY WORD SO I GIVE UP AND LET IT LOOK LIKE I'M SCREAMING. IGNORE EVERYTHING WRITTEN IN THE DESCRIPTION BEYOND THIS POINT BECAUSE IDK HOW TO DELETE IT, BUT I SWEAR I'M NOT THAT DORKY... right?------------------------------------------------------------------ This counter's been up since June 22, 2011... but the blog's been up since around January 18... eheheh -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I stopped using Tumblr for a few months... but I'm back now! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm supposed to write stuff here? o___o I guess I ought to let yaa know I'm 17 and BxSci'12 reppin NYC all day erry day baybee. LOl jk I don't often talk like that. But I guess I've a variety of interests, especially the happiness of my limited closests. Call me a rapper at times if you may, although I tend to try to stay articulate.. sometimes. I really don't know wtf I am. Try to find out! That's your job. You'll probably like me at first. But from there it just gets worse with every little verse (; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I always follow back! Especially if you have a cool blog!:D ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DAMN All this time I forgot to put that for a name I go by ROWNAK. Waazguud? ------------------------------------------------- akjfdajg. seven years is nothing. i won't ever let her go. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- St. John's University College Of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Class of 2015! Polytechnic Institute of NYU, Class of 2017! Am I really going to do this insane Biomedical Engineering stuff? Let's see!


This is just another Pokémon related post, I found it funny af

This is just another Pokémon related post, I found it funny af




i am 41 cheetos tall 

Why did you think you needed to measure yourself in Cheetos?

we were out of doritos 



what if people named their kids when they turn 18 so the kid has a name that fits its personality


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