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How many weirdos lurkin' about...? ------------HEY I'M ROWNAK AND I'M SEVENTEEN FOR THE FOURTH YEAR RUNNING NOW. I LOVE VARIOUS COMEDIES AND HORRORS AND EXPLORING MY BELOVED NYC. I GET STUCK ON CAPS LOCK SOMETIMES SUCH THAT I NEED TO CHANGE IT FOR EVERY WORD SO I GIVE UP AND LET IT LOOK LIKE I'M SCREAMING. IGNORE EVERYTHING WRITTEN IN THE DESCRIPTION BEYOND THIS POINT BECAUSE IDK HOW TO DELETE IT, BUT I SWEAR I'M NOT THAT DORKY... right?------------------------------------------------------------------ This counter's been up since June 22, 2011... but the blog's been up since around January 18... eheheh -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I stopped using Tumblr for a few months... but I'm back now! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm supposed to write stuff here? o___o I guess I ought to let yaa know I'm 17 and BxSci'12 reppin NYC all day erry day baybee. LOl jk I don't often talk like that. But I guess I've a variety of interests, especially the happiness of my limited closests. Call me a rapper at times if you may, although I tend to try to stay articulate.. sometimes. I really don't know wtf I am. Try to find out! That's your job. You'll probably like me at first. But from there it just gets worse with every little verse (; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I always follow back! Especially if you have a cool blog!:D ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DAMN All this time I forgot to put that for a name I go by ROWNAK. Waazguud? ------------------------------------------------- akjfdajg. seven years is nothing. i won't ever let her go. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- St. John's University College Of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Class of 2015! Polytechnic Institute of NYU, Class of 2017! Am I really going to do this insane Biomedical Engineering stuff? Let's see!



when you think you can trust someone but then they go and use your comb


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meeting peoples moms for the first time is so intimidating because i cant tell if theyre a strict mom or a laid back mom and as i ride in their car i have to slowly figure out what breed of mom they are